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Accéder au Rapport d’activité 2013-2014 de PSE (pdf - 15 Mo)

  • L’éditorial de Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Directeur de PSE
  • Les faits marquants 2013-2014
  • Chp 1 - Gouvernance et finances
  • Chp 2 - Enseignants-chercheurs
  • Chp 3 - Recherche académique
  • Chp 4 - Initiatives d’excellence
  • Chp 5 - Formation initiale
  • Chp 6 - Évaluation et études
  • Chp 7 - Mécénat et partenariats
  • Chp 8 - Dissémination scientifique

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The Paris School of Economics is a French research institute of international standing in Economics, at the forefront in many different Economic domains and proposes selective teaching programmes from M1 to PhD. It currently includes more than 130 faculty, 300 Masters students and 200 PhD students in residence. The School is engaged in a novel project to participate in both the elaboration of sophisticated tools of economic analysis, and their application to policy at both the public and private level.

  • PSE was born in December 2006, following a careful restructuring of French research in the economic and social sciences. It is one of the first 13 “Fondations de Coopération Scientifiques” (Scientific Research Foundations) of the RTRA programme.
  • The Paris School of Economics represents a focal point for the best French and foreign researchers in Economics, winners of several Awards and Research Grants.
  • PSE proposes courses and programmes at the forefront of the discipline: two general Masters and a Doctoral programme in Economics, as well as a thematic Masters programme.
  • The School contributes to an original and thriving research culture by maintaining close contacts with both public and private decision-makers, through many partnerships, Research Groups and Chairs (notably thanks to Sponsors), and Consultancy agreements.
  • PSE is very well-known in a wide variety of domains (Public Policy, International Trade, Risk and Insurance, Network Economics, Development, Labour Economics, etc.).
  • The substantial number of conferences and seminars organised make PSE a hub for interactions between researchers. PSE also facilitates meetings between researchers and policy-makers regarding current Economic issues and questions. The aim is to encourage a better diffusion of Economic culture in France.
  • PSE also proposes training programmes which allow professionals to learn and master contemporary methods of economic analysis.
  • In 2010, within the “Grand Emprunt”, PSE, along with a number of partners, won approval from the jury for two of its projects: D-FIH (Historical Financial Data) and OSE (Opening Economics).
  • Synapse and Alumni PSE are the 2 associations respectively in charge of the student life and the alumni network: more information