Teaching and Students

APE and PPD Masters

The Paris School of Economics proposes two Masters programmes, in close partnership with a number of top French academic institutions:

What do PSE Masters students do once they graduate from the Master?

Being a PhD student at PSE

The PhD program is a continuation of master’s program. PhD students at PSE are registered at the Ecole Doctorale d’Economie ED465; this program is very demanding and the thesis must be completed within a three year period.
How to write a thesis at PSE? Students can enroll in the PSE Doctoral program once they have successfully completed one of the three PSE Masters programs: APE, ETE or PPD. In order to enroll in the PhD program, a student must first have a staff member from the Paris School of Economics who has agreed to be their thesis supervisor. It is this future thesis supervisor who submits the student’s application. Please, note that direct applications from external candidates are not considered.

Job Market Candidates

In 2015-2016, PSE has presented 12 candidates on the Job Market: Bertrand Achou, Olivia Bertelli, Marie Boltz, Léa Bousquet, Yannick Dupraz, Ricardo Estrada, Sarah Fleche, Gabor Katay, Pauline Rossi, Arthur Silve, Camille Terrier, Frédéric Vinas.
More details about the previous sessions (placement, papers presented...): 2015-2016 - 2014-2015 -
2013-2014 - 2012-2013 - 2011-2012 - 2010-2011 - 2009-2010

PSE Summer School

The last week of June and the first week of July 2016, the Paris School of Economics will run its first Summer School. It will take place in Paris. Everything you need to know about the 2016 PSE Summer School is now online:

PSE Exchange programs

PSE has entered into bilateral agreements with prestigious universities overseas and participates in a number of European exchange networks:
Bilateral agreements : New-York University (New-York & Abu Dhabi) and University of Berkeley
Networks : EBIM, EDEEM, EDP, PODER and QED

PSE Students and Alumni awards

Each year, PSE students and Alumni are awarded national and international Prizes: Clark Medal, Young Economist Award, Prix du meilleur jeune économiste...

Students and Alumni life

Two associations are in charge of students and alumni life of the Paris School of Economics, organizing events all year long:
SYNAPSE - the students association
ALUMNI PSE - the alumni association

You are a group of students visiting Paris ?
You would like to meet PSE teachers and students and visit our campus, please contact us directly so that we set up a meeting during which we could talk about PSE and the Masters programmes !
S. Riffé Stern : sylvain.riffe psemail.eu