PSE Associations

SYNAPSE, l’association des étudiants de PSE

Contact : synapse
Members of the Bureau :
> Alberto Prati (Président, M2 APE)
> Alejandra Betancourt (Vice-Présidente, M2 PPD)
> Salomé Drouard (Trésorière, M2 PPD)
> Shalaka Kumar (Secrétaire, M2 PPD)
> Anushka Chawla (Vice-secrétaire, M2 APE)
SYNAPSE is the student association of the Paris School of Economics. It was created to organize events during the school year, so that students can know better the nice little community of the PSE.

ALUMNI, l’association des anciens de PSE

Président: Colin Majean
Secrétaire Général : Nicolas Frémeaux
Contact : alumni
PSE Alumni was created in the end of 2010. This association aims to create a professional network between Paris School of Economics’ former master and PhD students. The main goals are the continuous effort to get back in touch with older generations, the production of the Alumni directory, the centralization of jobs offers to spread within the network.