PSE Summer School

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The PSE Summer School offers research-oriented teaching by leading experts in their fields. From June 27 to July 8, it will bring together Masters and PhD students, post-doctoral students, academics, and professionals. PSE proposes four intensive one-week programmes, each being a full-time mix of coherent courses on topical issues, taught by PSE professors.

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All of the information about the curriculum, tuition fees, requirements etc. is available in the following pages and in the complete brochure “PSE Summer School 2016” (pdf, 41 pages, in English)

How to apply?
For June and July 2016, registrations are now closed. Please read the following pages for more information, and should you have any question, contact us via summer-school


  • DEVELOPMENT - “Inequality, social interactions and institutional dynamics in development”
    27th of June to 1st of July 2016
    Institutions and social frictions - associated with inequalities, political conflicts, cultural polarization, and migration - have emerged as central themes in development economics. Based on both formal theory and rigorous empirical research, this programme draws the outlines of the current research frontier.
    > Professors: François Bourguignon, Thierry Verdier, Hillel Rapoport, Denis Cogneau and Oliver Vanden Eynde
    > Programme supervisor: Oliver Vanden Eynde
  • MICROECONOMETRICS - “Policy Evaluation”
    27th of June to 1st of July 2016
    This programme presents recent developments in the microeconomic analysis of impact evaluation. Providing a credible estimation of a causal effect has become a standard in economic analysis, both in research papers and policy reports. But it is also equally important to integrate the estimated effects into economic models, in order to improve the design of policies. The Professors here will propose a comprehensive approach to policy analysis.
    > Professors: Luc Behaghel, Margherita Comola and David Margolis
    > Programme supervisor: Gabrielle Fack
    4th of July to 8th of July 2016
    Three main topics are addressed in this programme: competition policy (the exchange of information between competitors, empirical techniques), the economics of platforms, and consumer search. These subjects are currently at the core of the liveliest debates among academics and practitioners in Industrial Organization. The Professors here will present the most recent developments in the empirical and theoretical academic literature.
    > Professors: Bernard Caillaud, Philippe Gagnepain, Régis Renault and David Spector
    > Programme supervisors: Philippe Gagnepain and Jean-Philippe Tropéano
  • MACROECONOMICS - “Macroeconomics useful for Policy”
    4th of July to 8th of July 2016
    This program tackles topics at the frontier of policy-relevant research: recessions and liquidity traps; crises and bubbles; heterogeneity, financial frictions and unemployment; and international linkages. It includes a quantitative module, consisting of hands-on applications of state-of-the-art techniques relevant for solving the models discussed in class.
    > Professors: Florin Bilbiie, Jean Imbs, Xavier Ragot, Romain Rancière and Gilles Saint-Paul
    > Programme supervisor: Florin Bilbiie