Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli

Membre associé

Directrice de Recherche CNRS

Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

3e étage, bureau 09

Tél. 01 80 52 18 59

  • Economie publique
  • Méthodes quantitatives
  • Économie du bien-être
  • Comportements individuels

I am a CNRS senior economist. I have recently studied the retirement decision of married people and I  plan to study older women's labor supply next.  I am also interested in the economics of nursing homes.

I have just written a piece for slate on reforming income taxation of married couples in France, as part of a special issue of slate with contributions from hundred French researchersin  all fields of science:


I have also investigated the effects of terrorim on labour supply and  well-being (work in progress with David Margolis and Andrew Clark).

I have studied  employment and time allocation effects of retirement policy changes, without neglecting possible spillover effects on marital stability. Some of this work is together with Arthur van Soest, and Karina Doorley. I have also worked with Dan Hamermesh on long hours of Americans versus Europeans (see publication list).