Economics serving society

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council consists of internationally-recognised researchers, external to PSE, of whom at least 50% work abroad. Its members receive no payment for their positions. The Scientific Council evaluates the quality of both current and proposed teaching and research programmes.

Jess Benhabib - New York University

Francesco Billari - Bocconi University, Milan

Wendy Carlin - University College, London

Pierre-André Chiappori - Columbia University

Pascaline Dupas - Stanford University

Marion Fourcade - University of California, Berkeley

Jordi Gali - CREI Barcelone – University of Pompeu Fabra

Lars Peter Hansen* - University of Chicago

Oliver Hart* - Harvard University

Eliana La Ferrara - Bocconi University, Milan

Daniel McFadden* - University of California, Berkeley

Costas Meghir - Yale University

Dani Rodrik - J.F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University

Roy Bin Wong - University of California Los Angeles International Institute’s Center for Chinese Studies

* Laureates of The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel