Economics serving society

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council consists of internationally-recognised researchers, external to PSE, of whom at least 50% work abroad. Its members receive no payment for their positions. The Scientific Council evaluates the quality of both current and proposed teaching and research programmes.

Members of the Scientific Council

Wendy Carlin - University College, London

Pierre-André Chiappori - Columbia University

Pascaline Dupas - Princeton University

Marion Fourcade - University of California, Berkeley

Jordi Gali - CREI Barcelone – University of Pompeu Fabra

Oliver Hart* - Harvard University

Eliana La Ferrara - Bocconi University, Milan

Daniel McFadden* - University of California, Berkeley

Costas Meghir - Yale University

Dani Rodrik - J.F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University

Roy Bin Wong - University of California Los Angeles International Institute’s Center for Chinese Studies

* Laureates of The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel