Paris School of Economics - École d'Économie de Paris

Economics serving society


Created in December 2006, the Paris School of Economics has the status of fondation reconnue d’utilité publique (a Public interest foundation). This status allows PSE to draw on both public and private funding.
PSE is one of the "Fondation de Coopération Scientifiques” (Scientific Research Foundations) a new type of foundation created by the Government to develop centres of excellence in France. Scientific Research Foundations operate according to the same rules as Public interest foundations.

  • The Paris School of Economics is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives of the public and private partners, researchers, and outside personalities. The board votes on the budget and selects the scientific programmes following advice from the Scientific Board. Presided by Roger Guesnerie from december 2006 to september 2015, the Board of Directors is now presided by Jean-Pierre Danthine.
  • The Scientific Council consists of internationally-recognised researchers, external to PSE, of whom at least 50% work abroad. The Scientific Council evaluates the quality of both current and proposed teaching and research programmes.

PSE executive direction, formed by the director (Pierre-Yves Geoffard since February 2013), the general secretary, the scientific director and the teaching director, relies on two bodies:

  • A consultative body in charge of scientifcal and pedagogical orientation of the Paris School of Economics: the Orientation Committee
  • A coordination and information body between the entities associated to PSE (laboratory, doctoral programme, masters...): the Pilot Committee