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OSE – Opening Economics (Labex)

Introducing OSE

In 2011, OSE – Opening Economics, supported by PSE, was one of the hundred or so projects selected in the Labex section of the «Grand Emprunt» scheme. The Labex OSE, co-ordinated by PSE, involved a number of parnters: two laboratories (the Centre for Economics at the Sorbonne and Paris-Jourdan Economics); the economic demographics section of the INED; and three independent research centres: the CEPII, the CEPREMAP and J-PAL Europe.
Jean-Marc Tallon was the OSE Scientific Director.

Research Themes

This project began from the observation that the central paradigm of economics is based on the notion of the rational individual, which has remained remarkably powerful, but whose limits become more and more evident in an increasingly complex world. The project OSE – Opening Economics aims to address the challenges facing the central paradigm of economics, in the fields of expertise of the partners.
This methodological approach will be investigated through 5 research Themes :

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Scientific directors: Hillel Rapoport and Thierry Verdier.

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Scientific directors: Carole Bonnet, Stéphane Gauthier and Claudia Senik.

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Scientific directors: Bruno Amable and Jérôme Bourdieu.

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Scientific directors: Frédéric Koessler, Francis Bloch, Nicolas Jacquemet and Jean-Pierre Drugeon.

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Scientific directors: Gabrielle Demange and Philippe Gagnepain.

ProF-En-EcoS: Training courses for SES teachers

The training programme for teachers of economics and social sciences in high schools continues. The goal of the programme is to reveal the state of research in a particular field, showing the points around which there is consensus among the profession and those which are debated, with an emphasis on methods.

[2011-2013] Labex OSE first steps: read Pr. Geoffard’s interview