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Jean-Pierre Danthine and Pierre-Yves Geoffard: PSE in 10 years

It is 2027. A great colloquium has been organised to mark the 20th anniversary of the Paris School of Economics, so you come back to the Boulevard Jourdan, to the campus at whose inauguration in 2017 you celebrated PSE’s 10th birthday. What do you see?

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You meet many students, who come from all over the world, attracted by the quality of the courses and the professors. Many of the students doing one of the multiple Masters are destined for academic careers, but while here, others have participated in the kind of research training that will open new and unexpected perspectives on their professional futures. The doctoral candidates, equally diverse in national origin, know that they will benefit from strong support regardless of their ambitions; the quality of the PhD training at PSE has made it an essential stopping-place on the recruitment circuits of the world’s great universities ; former PhD candidates are now its ambassadors in the principal universities of France, Europe and beyond. PSE has indeed become a real school of thought, whose training is reputed for being closely articulated with the most advanced current research.

You encounter a community of scholars in economic and social sciences, whose presence in a unique space has created a common culture leading to the commitment of each to a common goal. Recognised as the first school of continental European economics, PSE shines thanks to the quality and diversity of its contributions to pure and applied research. There at the frontier of research into essential themes, it is also a place recognised for its innovative interdisciplinary analyses of economic and social phenomena, thus validating the federal approach of its creators. PSE’s international recognition is proudly promoted by its founding members, which benefit from its singular profile but also from the multiple concrete returns that arise from the commitment of its researchers, conscious of the demands and opportunities offered by their dual affiliation.

You discover a real campus, bubbling with innovation and creativity, marked by an entrepreneurial spirit. You note that many research projects bring together external partners, public administration and private enterprises, guaranteeing not only that resources are adapted to scientific ends but also that the concerns and questions of the end-users of economic knowledge are taken into account. You remark the announcement of numerous events that bear witness to the liveliness of exchange. PSE has become a recognised place of debate, where analytical expertise sheds continous light on society’s key issues. You know that you won’t wait another ten years to come back to Jourdan Boulevard.

Jean-Pierre Danthine, President of PSE
Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Director of PSE