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EUR - Paris Graduate School of Economics

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The PSE project “Paris Graduate School of Economics (PgSE)” was selected in the first round of a call for project proposals for “Écoles Universitaires de Recherche, EUR” (University Research Schools), PIA3 (Investments in the Future). The programme extends the Labex OSE (Open up economics) activities and aims to integrate research at the highest level with excellence in teaching.

Led by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, and initiated by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the General Commission for Investment (CGI), this EUR project aims to promote the graduate school model in France, in line with the government’s plan to “reinforce our impact and international reputation […] in one or several scientific areas by bringing together Masters and PhD courses in one or several fields backed by one or several top-level research institutions”.

  • Read the PSE news dedicated to this grant (October 2017)
  • Access the press release (in French) of the Ministry and the CGI (24 Oct. 2017)
  • Browse the “University research schools” page on the ANR web site
  • Press contacts : Sylvain Riffé Stern, sylvain.riffe at

Our goals and our partners

The Paris Graduate School of Economics will build on the experience gained through the Labex OSE to greatly expand its activities and potential by developing a post-graduate – Masters and PhD – study programme in world-level economics, expanding and diversifying scientific goals – methods, objects, data – and deepening exchanges with other disciplines, all while continuing involvement with the founding institutions, laboratories and partners of PSE and OSE.

PgSE gathers ten main partners :

It relies on two public labs (Unités Mixtes de Recherche) (UMR):

PgSE is also articulated with 3 research institutes :

Themes and activities

The PgSE is organised into themes that bring together researchers and PhD candidates:

  • Development
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Governance, Political Economy, Commerce
  • Economic History
  • Macroeconomics
  • Regulation and Environment
  • Economic Theory
  • Labour and Public Economics


Numerous activities are funded or co-funded through the PgSE programme. On this site, under various headings, you will find the Investment in the Future logo and or a paragraph discussing the funding, and the project ID: ANR-17-EURE-0001. There are two main areas of activity:



  • The Opening Economics initiative is co-financed by PgSE.
  • Academic publications: most papers by PSE researchers (work in progress papers and published articles) have benefitted from the foundation’s scholarly environment, and de facto from the numerous activities – seminars, workshops, invited speakers – funded by PsSE. Go directly to the HAL-PSE portal to access these publications:
  • Economics for everybody: PSE’s economists are engaged in activities that aim to make their research products accessible to as many people as possible, through articles, interviews, infographics, comics, podcasts. Access this work funded by PgSE.
  • Sponsored projects:
    - Several times a year, an appeal is made for doctoral and other research project proposals, to be supported through specially allocated PgSE research funds. Download the list of projects funded since 2018 in pdf.
    - Created by PSE and developed within the PSE/GENES partnership, the Institute for Public Policy has received EUR financial support. To learn more about the Institute, visit
    - Based at PSE, the World Inequality Lab (WIL) is co-directed by five PSE/Berkeley researchers and involves a vast international network of economists. This lab also receives EUR funding. To learn more about the WIL and the WID data base, visit
  • Supporting research
    - Nearly 30 seminar programmes are currently led and housed by PSE, comprising more than 420 sessions each year. PgSE co-finances the seminars via the associated theme groups because such meetings for exchange and collaborative work are an essential step in the research process. Visit the special web page
    - On the Jourdan PSE/ENS campus, the foundation organises numerous events throughout the year, including international colloquia, scientific workshops, public lectures, and internal events. PgSE co-funds a significant share of these activities, which make specific references to it. Access the complete schedule of past and future lectures.
    - PSE and PgSE aim to video-record as many of the events open to the general public as possible, which are then made available on the PSE’s Youtube channel.