Economics serving society
François Bourguignon

François Bourguignon

PSE Emeritus Professor

Paris School of Economics

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

6th floor, office 10

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 16 11

  • Income and Wealth inequality
  • Economy wide country studies (Brazil, China, India…)
  • International Trade and Trade policy
  • Education
  • Wealth, income, redistribution and tax policy

Courses and Seminars

If you are one of my student, my pedagogical ressources are online :

Development Policies in a Globalized World


This course covers the international aspects of contemporary economic development and poverty reduction in developing countries, including the various dimensions of globalization (trade, migration, capital movements and external financing, knowledge transfer, global public goods ...), the potential conflicts of interest between developing and developed countries, the need for global governance and the present role of international organizations.