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Ariane Charpin

Ariane Charpin

Ph. D. student

Paris School of Economics / Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

2nd floor, office 18

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 19 49

  • Individual Behaviour
  • Industrial Dynamics/Innovation
  • Behavioral economics
  • Competition Policy
  • Transportation Economics

Thesis Supervisor: GAGNEPAIN Philippe

Academic year of registration: 2014/2015

Thesis title: Essays on decision theory and economic efficiency

Year of thesis defense: 2018/2019

Date of thesis defense: 1 February 2019


  • Peer-reviewed publications:

Charpin A. (2018), Tests des modèles de décision en situation de risque : le cas des parieurs hippiques en France (2018), Revue Economique, 69(5). 


Abstract : One of the most robust findings in the literature using data on horseraces bets is that odds associated to horses reflect their chances of winning very well, with the exception that favorites are underbet while outsiders are overbet. Expected utility theory and behavioral theories of decision under risk compete to explain this finding. This paper seeks to discriminate between the two classes of models by testing which is the most suited to explaining the behavior of bettors observed in the data. Using a unique dataset of bets on horseraces in France, I find that behavioral theories of decision under risk better fit my data than expected utility. This result shows that behavioral theories provide a better representation of choice behavior than expected utility.  


  •  Non peer-reviewed publications:

Approche par objet ou par effets ? Le cas Intel (2017), Revue Lamy de la concurrence n°67 (with Charles Goddet).

Marchés locaux et calcul des parts de marché (2016), Revue Lamy de la concurrence n°53.

Simulation des effets unilatéraux d’une concentration horizontale (2016), Revue Lamy de la concurrence n°48 (with Angela Munoz).

L’indispensable test du monopoleur hypothétique (2016), Revue Lamy de la concurrence n°47.

Délimiter les marchés pertinents ? Autant gratter une jambe de bois jusqu’à ce qu’elle saigne ! (2012), Concurrences (with Gildas de Muizon). 


  •  Working papers:

Charpin A., Piechucka J., Merger Efficiency Gains: An Assessment of the French Urban Transport Industry, October 2018.