Economics serving society
Gabrielle Demange

Gabrielle Demange

PSE Full Professor


Campus Jourdan – 48 boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

6th floor, office 04

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 16 04

  • Game Theory
  • Social and Economic Networks
  • Social Choice Theory
  • Risk

Chapters in books

  • Diffusion of Defaults Among Financial Institutions,  Chapter 1 F. Abergel et al. (eds.), Econophysics of Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics, New Economic Windows, © Springer-Verlag Italia 2013. Diffusion
  • "L’ingénierie financièr e : quelles dérives ? Chapitre 2 dans « 16 Nouvelles questions d’économie contemporaine » Albin Michel, 2010, 117-138. ingenierie-financiere-gd-2.pdf
  • “Conférences internationales sur le climat: reculades ou avancées ? “ commentaire dans l’ouvrage collectif “5 crises, 11 nouvelles questions d’économie contemporaine, Economiques, 3, dirigé par Daniel Cohen et Philippe Askenazy, Albin Michel, 2013.

  • Free Choice of Unfunded Systems: A Preliminary Analysis of a European Union challenge”, Pension Strategies in Europe and the United States editors Robert Fenge, Georges de Menil and Pierre Pestieau MIT Press 2008, 206-242. (pdf)

  • "Group formation: The interaction of increasing returns and preferences' diversity", in Group Formation in Economics: Networks, Clubs and Coalitions, eds Demange G. and M.Wooders, Cambridge University Press, 2005. (pdf)
  • "Voluntary pay-as-you-go social security and intergenerational risk sharing", with Guy Laroque, in Institutional and Financial Incentives in Social Insurance, eds C. D'aspremont, V. Gingsburgh, H. Sneessens, F. Spinnewyn, Kluwer Academic Publishers 2002, 175-189.
  • "Investment, Security Design and Information" with Guy Laroque, in Banking, Capital Markets and Corporate Governance, eds H. Osano and T. Tachibanaki, 2002 Palgrave. (pdf)
  • "A Duopoly Model Suggesting a Taxomony of Competitive Situations", with Jean-Pierre Ponssard, in Microeconomic Contributions to Strategic Management, eds Thepot and Thietart, 1991, Elsevier Science Publishers, 8-22.
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  • "Notes on defining proportionality between matrices" with M. Balinski in: Proceedings of the Eighth Mathematical Programming Symposium, Japan, Chugoku Electric Power Co., Hiroshima, [1987], pp. 1-17.
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