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Every month, Les Echos publish two columns from PSE researchers on major economic issues: migration, health, education, energy transition, globalisation, debt, inflation, growth, labour...

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L’émigration, seule issue face à l’intensification du changement climatique? | Katrin Millock.

Beliefs about international migration and climate change need to be revised, says Katrin Millock, Professor at PSE. Yes, there will probably be increases in migration flows, but mostly within a region or continent, especially in Africa and Asia...

Comment aider les réfugiés ukrainiens à reconstruire leur pays ? | Hillel Rapoport.

Ukrainian refugees will be able to play an important role in the reconstruction of their country, according to Hillel Rapoport, professor at PSE. Ukraine will be able to benefit from the experience, knowledge, savings and know-how accumulated by Ukrainian refugees in the workplace...


Les gagnants et les perdants du travail du dimanche | Eric Maurin.

The Macron law of 2015 was indeed followed by a significant increase in Sunday work in shops in targeted areas, stresses Eric Maurin, professor at PSE. However, the reorganisation of hours does not have the same consequences for everyone...

Il n’est pas temps d’abolir le lieu de travail | Claudia Senik.

Would people be mistaken in imagining that telework is conducive to their well-being? asks Claudia Senik, professor at PSE. Two years after the confinements, studies are providing the first answers...


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Le difficile ajustement carbone aux frontières | Lionel Fontagne.

The adjustment mechanism raises two difficulties: it does not protect European exports of carbon products and it penalizes European producers using these products as intermediate consumption.

Les modes de production deviennent-ils plus responsables ? | Pamina Koenig and Sandra Poncet.

Initial analyses suggest that new responsible commitments contribute to improved working conditions and wages. However, bad practices remain.


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Quelle est l’efficacité des activistes écologistes ? | Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline.

Economists are interested in the effectiveness of the actions of climate activists. Do they contribute to the adoption by companies of more environmentally friendly practices, through CSR commitments?

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Les parties prenantes et le bien-être social | Marc Fleurbaey.

Being able to measure a company’s total value rather than just profit is not an unattainable goal, stresses Marc Fleurbaey, professor at the Paris School of Economics (PSE). It remains to encourage all companies to adopt these good practices.

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