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Expertise and evaluation

All year round, PSE economists head dozens of expertise contracts for a wide variety of entities: firms, Ministries, international institutions, associations etc.
When you enter into a consultancy agreement with PSE you gain access to intellectual and methodological resources of the highest order. This collaboration, which can last a couple of weeks or several years, generates fertile interaction between actors in both private and public sectors and the world of academic research.

Two types of expertise exist: evaluations and studies. The Paris School of Economics has been recognised as a Public Utility Foundation with respect to the Crédit Impôt Recherche.

Most of the time, those contracts are conducted in partnership with the Institut des politiques publiques (IPP) and/or J-PAL Europe and/or the hospinnomics Chair.

A few recent examples of firms, associations, public bodies and so on that have signed a contract with PSE

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