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The Institut des politiques publiques (IPP)

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The Institute for Public Policy was established in the context of a scientific partnership between the PSE and the CREST. The IPP aims to promote the analysis and quantative evaluation of public policies, supported by the latest research methods in economics.
IPP work is related to topics covering a broad spectrum of public policy questions: taxation, social policy, employment policy, education, health, housing, planning and sectoral policy.

The IPP leads and has lead numerous projects and evaluations, and publishes its results not only in standard university formats, but also in formats better adapted to broader public consumption (notes and reports). Here are the current projects:

> PENSIONS – Gender pension gaps in the private and public sector
> HEALTH & WELL-BEING – Policies for longer working lives
> ENVIRONMENT – Estimating the effects of State aid provided by ADEME
> TAX SYSTEM – Modelling the impacts on public finance and households budgets of indirect taxes on food
> HEALTH & WELL-BEING – Modelling long-term care at old age
> PENSIONS – Dynamic microsimulation of the pension regime of French local government workers and public hospital employees
> TAX SYSTEM – Labour market responses to taxes: a structural approach
> COMPETITION POLICY – Corporate governance and firm performance
> EDUCATION – Evaluation of summer-school programme
> TAX SYSTEM – The Impact of the research tax credit on R&D and innovation
> PENSIONS – Dynamic micro-simulation model of the French pension system
> HEALTH & WELL-BEING – Projet SIEL BLEU, Fonds Danone pour l’Ecosystème
> TAX SYSTEM – The Impact of Social Security Contributions on Earnings
> EMPLOYMENT – Effect of part time work on unemployment duration
> TAX SYSTEM – The Impact of Social Security Contributions on Earnings
> EDUCATION – Social Diversity in Selective Higher Education in France

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