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Jérémie Gignoux

Jérémie Gignoux

PSE Professor

Senior research fellow INRAE

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

5th floor, office 62

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 17 25

Research groups: Development
  • Agricultural Economics and development
  • Evaluation of public policies in developing countries
  • Human capital and development
  • Labor and development
  • Education
  • Environmental Economics & Natural resources in developing countries

Research fellow at the French Institute for Research for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) and Paris School of Economics (PSE)


I am a researcher in Applied Economics. I study the welfare of households in developing countries and its dynamics over the life cycle and generations. I consider different factors of change and policy interventions: technology diffusion, inclusion of smallholders in agricultural value chains, education policies and investments in human capital, climate change and natural disasters. Some of my works involve field work.