Economics serving society
Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur

Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur

PSE Professor


Campus Jourdan – 48, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

5th floor, office 63

  • Money, Credit, Finance in the long run


Enseignements actuels

  • Fall 2018 Méthodes comparées des sciences sociales de l'économie, Cours obligatoire, master IOES (EHESS-Paris Dauphine - Ecoles des Mines)
  • Winter 2019 Monetary and financial history, M2 APE-PPD
  • Spring 2018 Financial history seminar


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Enseignements antérieurs

  • 1998-2012 Economic history, compulsory class, EHESS-PSE APE master, first year
  • 2007-16 Political economy of financial markets: a historical approach; EHESS main seminar, EHESS-PSE APE master, 2nd year
  • 2009-12 Introduction to economic history, EHESS history master (with M. Arnoux, C. D’Ercole and J.-Y. Grenier)
  • 2002-06 Money : theory and practice (with Ch. Bordes), compulsory undergraduate (licence) class, 2nd year, Univ. Paris 1
  • 2003-06 History of the European economy since World War 2, undergraduate (licence), 3d year (Europeum certificate), Univ. Paris 1
  • 2002-06 Economic organizations and institutions : an historical approach, Institutions master, 2nd year, Univ. Paris 1
  • 2002-06 History and economics, PhD seminar, Univ. Paris 1
  • 2000-02 Introduction to economic history, licence of economics, 1st year, Univ. d’Orléans
  • 1998-01 Major economic and social contemporary problems, master AES, 1st year, Univ. d’Orléans
  • 1998-02 Financial and monetary history, master of economics, 2nd year, Univ. d’Orléans
  • 1998-02 International monetary macroeconomics, master of economics, 1st year, Univ. d’Orléans
  • 1998-99 International economics, permanent education of high school professors, Univ. d’Orléans
  • 1989-96 Introduction to economic history, Ecole normale supérieure
  • 1992-96 Economic history seminar organization
  • 1989-96 « Agrégation » thematic yearly classes (technical progress ; international specialisation ; international monetary economics ; Money ; labor economics)
  • I also taught classes at HEC business school (economic history), Université Paris Sud (DESS international economics), and the ISEG of the Technical university of Lisboa.