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PSE is offering Post‐Doctoral positions starting September 1, 2022

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The Paris School of Economics (PSE) is offering Post-Doctoral positions starting Sept 1, 2022 (flexible; in particular, an earlier date is possible).

These positions can be for one or two years and come with no teaching nor administrative duties so that Post-Doctoral students can devote all of their time to their research. They are part of PSE’s ambition to develop research at the frontier with other disciplines. Four projects are privileged:

  • Economics and philosophy (social justice, ethics, rationality)
  • Cognitive and behavioral science (decision making, learning)
  • Urban studies (with an historical, sociological or geographical dimension)
  • Environmental sciences (biodiversity, carbon emissions and inequality, GIS and remote sensing, hydrology)

PSE invites applications from candidates with a strong research background in Philosophy, Political Science, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Biology, Sociology, Geography, Physics, Environmental studies. Applicants must have shown their ability to engage in a fruitful dialogue with economists.

The successful applicants will be provided with office space and computer facilities as well as a research budget. Salary, competitive in Europe, will depend on experience.

The PhD should be completed or duly planned by the date of the appointment. Applicants with a Ph.D. obtained prior to 2018 will not be considered. Knowledge of French is NOT required. Full application instructions are available at Online applications only. Any query or further details about applications should be sent to postdoc-ose Candidates may be invited to give a job talk at PSE. Applications will be treated as they arrive.