Economics serving society
Matthieu Lequien

Matthieu Lequien

PhD Student

Paris School of Economics, Ehess

Campus Jourdan – 48, boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris

Research groups: Macroeconomics
  • International Trade and Trade policy
  • Microeconometrics
  • Public policy
  • Wealth, income, redistribution and tax policy
  • Growth
  • Industrial Dynamics/Innovation

Thesis Supervisor: AGHION Philippe

Academic year of registration: 2017/2018

Thesis title: Essays in economics. Innovation, firm dynamics and financial cycles

Year of thesis defense: 2021/2022

Date of thesis defense: 9 December 2021

On December 09, 2021 I defended my thesis Essays in economics. Innovation, firm dynamics and financial cycles.

Jury : 

Mr. Roger Guesnerie, Collège de France

Mr. Xavier Jaravel, London School of Economics

Mr. Thierry Mayer, Sciences po Paris

Mme Isabelle Méjean, Sciences po Paris


Thesis director :

Mr. Philippe Aghion, Collège de France