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(April 12 and 15) Society and Environment Workshops: “Qualitative and quantitative management of water resources: tools and perspectives in the era of climate change”

The PSE collaborative project Society and Environment is glad to invite you to its next workshops on the theme of hydrogeology. The two sessions will be held online by Vincent Hallet (University of Namur):

Qualitative and quantitative management of water resources:
Tools and perspectives in the era of climate change

  • Monday, April 12 ; 9:30am-11:00am (Paris Time)
  • Thursday, April 15 ; 9:30am-11:00am (Paris time)

The workshops will be held online (Zoom).
To attend the live sessions, please register via this link.


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Many economists use rainfall data or water stress data in their empirical work. Rain comes up as a determinant of income, a forerunner of floods or as a direct cause of conflict. It is however key to understand the water cycle as a whole and how it changes across latitudes. The lecture is divided in two pieces of 90 minutes, bringing forward key concepts in hydrology and hydrogeology. It aims at giving participants tools to answer questions such as: how large are quantities of water useful for human activities? What share of rainfall is used by vegetation? How do rainfall patterns interact with nutriments available for agriculture, erosion and sustainability of agricultural practices? How do water stock evolve over time? How do answers to these questions vary over time and space, across seasons and agro-ecological zones? How should we evaluate water availability, in terms of quantity and quality? The two lectures will flow from one example to another, in Europe and in various contexts in developing countries (Ethiopia, DRC, Middle East, Philippines or Pacific Island).


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Professor Vincent Hallet is geologist and hydrogeologist. In 1985, he started his research career in the University of Liège, Belgium, in the research lab on engineering geology, hydrogeology and geophysical prospection. Taking advantage of several job opportunities, Vincent Hallet has worked for industrial groups and private firms, both in Belgium and abroad (United Arab Emirates, Mali, Guinea,...). From 1989 to 1992, he worked as expert for the United Nations (UNDP) to prospect for water in several countries in the South Pacific Ocean (Solomon Island, Fidji, Kiribati...). Back to Belgium he completed his PhD in hydrogeology on nitrate issues in chalky aquifers.

Hired by the University of Namur in 2000, following his diversified professional experience, Vincent Hallet dedicates himself to teaching and to the development of research projects related to the qualitative and quantitative management of groundwater, especially in karstic environment. Among others, as part of the university development co-operation, he leads several research projects in hydrology in partnership with universities located in developing countries (Ethiopia, Philippines, Indonesia...).


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