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Back to school! (PhD students)

Septembre 2021 - The 26 new doctoral students have been welcomed at PSE, attending on their first day the presentation of the doctoral programme. They have then been welcomed by the doctoral students already studying at PSE.

Ou of the 26 newcomers, 9 are women and 17 are men, 50/50 french and international students. They have been distributed in the 8 PSE research groups as follow :

  • 6 in Labour and Public Economics ;
  • 6 in Regulation, environment, market ;
  • 4 in Globalisation, political economy, trade;
  • 3 in Economics of human Behavior ;
  • 2 in Development;
  • 2 in Economic and Social History;
  • 2 in Economic Theory;
  • 1 in Macroeconomics.

We are delighted to welcome them to the campus and wish them all a great year!