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« Comme les garçons ? L’économie du football féminin », Luc Arrondel and Richard Duhautois, October 2020

Discover this new book, published last June (Editions Rue d’Ulm) by Luc Arrondel researcher at CNRS and professor at the Paris School of Economics (PSE) ; and Richard Duhautois researcher at CNAM Lirsa.

Comme les garçons ? L’économie du football féminin

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Text from the back cover of the book


Nothing in the 17 rules of football codified by the International Football Association Board in 1886 and still in force, says that women cannot play it. Yet the history of women’s football is far from having been a long calm river: if it had its glory days after the First World War, it fell back into anonymity until the 1960s before becoming again today. it is the object of much interest.

The World Cup in France in 2019, due to its popular and economic success, was undoubtedly a turning point in the history of this sport. The event came out of the sporting framework by causing various controversies, in particular that of income inequalities between female footballers.

But in France as elsewhere, while the national selections seem to have found their audience, the best clubs rarely excite the crowds: financially, compared to its male counterpart, women’s football remains a very small “affair”.

This book provides analytical tools to better understand the economy of women’s football and consider its development.

The authors

  • Luc Arrondel is an economist, researcher at CNRS and member of the Paris School of Economics. His research focuses on household finance and the economics of football. He leads the “Football and Social Sciences” seminar (PSE-Cnam) with Richard Duhautois. They wrote with four hands L’Argent du football (ed. Cepremap, 2018). He has also published The Economy of Sport in Sheets (in collab., Ellipses, 2020). He regularly publishes in this field on various subjects (psychology of penalty shooters, optimal pattern of competitions, demand from supporters, market for coaches, voting for the Ballon d’Or ...) and regularly intervenes in the media on the economy of football. Visit his PSE webpage
  • Richard Duhautois is an economist and researcher at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam-Lirsa) and at the Center for the Study of Employment and Labor (CEET). He specializes in the economics of work and professional sport. He has published, with Bastien Drut, two books on football: 20 improbable questions on football and Social Sciences football club (De Boeck Supérieur, resp. 2014 and 2015). With Luc Arrondel, he organizes the “Football and Social Sciences” seminar at the Paris School of Economics (PSE-Cnam). Visit his Cnam webpage

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