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(December 14-15) TUS conference - Time, Uncertainties and Strategies VII

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The idea that underlies the “Time, Uncertainties and Strategies” conferences is to mix the productions of some brilliant scholars having completed some recent axiomatic work on alternative approaches to choice over time and under uncertainty, stochastic choice, some recent related revealed preference / comparative statics approaches or some advances related to the understanding of strategic uncertainty. It is also interested in recent works that have examined the implications of their integration of these issues into general equilibrium frameworks or payed attention to the involved optimization techniques.

Time, Uncertainties and Strategies VII

Dates: December 14-15, 2021

Venue: The Workshop will be held at:
Maison des Sciences Economiques
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
106-112 Boulevard de l’Hopital
75647 Paris Cedex 13, France

Technical Assistance:
Muriel Bastien (LEMMA, University of Paris II)

Registration: While there is no registration fee per se, participants are kindly asked to register before the 10th of December in order to help the organisers with the involved logistics but also to cope with the ongoing covid-19 pandemics. Please note that a sanitary pass will be mandatory in order to attend to the meetings.


  • Lorenzo Bastianello (LEMMA - University of Paris II)
  • Jean-Pierre Drugeon (PSE - CNRS)
  • Thai Ha-Huy (EPEE - University of Evry Paris-Saclay)
  • Stefania Minardi (HEC)



9:30am-10:50am: Allocations & Markets under Uncertainty I

  • Frank Riedel (Toulouse School of Economics): «Knight and Walras meet Chateauneuf»
  • John Quah (John Hopkins University): «A Theory of Revealed Indirect Preference» (co-authored with G. Hu, J. Li & R. Tang).

11:10am-12:30pm: Allocations and Markets under Uncertainty II

  • Sujoy Mukerji (Queen Mary University): «Efficient Allocations under Ambiguous Model Uncertainty» (co-authored with C. Hara, F. Riedel & J.M. Tallon).
  • Jan Werner (University of Minnesota): «Optimal Allocations with Alpha-MaxMin Utilities, Choquet Expected Utilities, and Prospect Theory» (co-authored with P. Beissner).

2:00pm-4:00pm: Time, Uncertainties and Aggregation

  • Marcus Pivato (University of Cergy): «Bayesian Social Aggregation with Almost-Objective Uncertainty» (co-authored with E.F. Tchouante).
  • Lukasz Balbus (University of Zielona Gora): «On Collective Intertemporal choice, Altruism and Time-consistent Decision Rules » (co-authored with J.-P. Drugeon & L. Wozny).
  • Antoine Billot (LEMMA - University of Paris II): «Deliberative Democracy and Utilitarianism» (co-authored with Xiangyu Qu).

4:30pm-6:30pm: Finance, Markets & Time (Chaired by Bernard Cornet)

  • Jean-Marc Bonnisseau (PSE - University of Paris 1 - CES): «On Future Allocations of Scarce Ressources without Explicit Rates of Discount» (co-authored with A. Chateauneuf & J.-P. Drugeon).
  • Lasse Mononen (University of Zurich): «Recursive Dual-Self Expected Utility and Time Dependent Preferences».
  • Alain Chateauneuf (PSE - University of Paris 1 - CES - IPAG): «Put-Call Parities, Absence of Arbitrage Opportunities & Choquet Pricing Rules» (co-authored with L. Bastianello & B. Cornet).

8pm: Conference dinner in honour of Alain Chateauneuf


9:30am-10:50am: Discounting & Myopia I

  • Lorenzo Bastianello (LEMMA - University of Paris II): «Future Blindness».
  • Lukasz Wozny (Warsaw School of Economics): «Intergenerational Altruism and Time Consistency» (co-authored with L. Balbus and K. Reffett).

11:10am-12:30pm: Discounting & Myopia II

  • Philippe Bich (PSE - University of Paris 1 - CES): «On Multiple Discount Rates and Present Bias» (co-authored with X. B. Dong & B. Wigniolle).
  • Federico Echenique (California Institute of Technology): «Decreasing Impatience» (co-authored with C. Chambers & A. Miller).

2:00pm-4:00pm: Miscellanates

  • Yves le Yaouanq (CREST-IP Paris/Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität): «Aggregation and Dynamics of Ambiguous Opinions» (co-authored with M. Frick & R. Iijima).
  • Xiangyu Qu (CNRS - CES - LEMMA): «Falsifiability and Non-Falsifiability with α-maxmin» (co-authored with A. Chateauneuf, C. Ventura & V. Vergopoulos).
  • Itzhak Gilboa (Tel Aviv University - HEC): «Consumption of Values» (co-authored with S. Minardi & F. Wang).

4:30pm-6:30pm: Choice & Rationality (Chaired by Stefania Minardi)

  • Marciano Siniscalchi (Northwestern University): «Robust Level-k Reasoning»
  • Jose Heleno Faro (INSPER): «Salience-Biased Nested Logit» (co-authored with A.D. Caluz, J.H. Faro & F.M. Sanches).
  • Fabio Maccheroni (Bocconi University): «Sequential Neural Decision Processes in Multialternative Choice Problems» (co-authored with C. Baldassi, M. Marinacci & M. Pirazzini).

8pm: Social dinner

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