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(December 7-8) Immigration in OECD Countries - 10th Annual Conference

The CEPII, LISER and the OECD as well as their partners from the Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti, PSE - Paris School of Economics, University of Lille (LEM) and University of Luxembourg are jointly organizing the 10th Annual Conference on “Immigration in OECD Countries” on December 7-8, 2020. The conference will examine the economic aspects of international migration in OECD countries by mapping the migratory flows and analyzing their socio-economic determinants and consequences. Topics of interest include, among others, the determinants of immigration to the OECD, migrants’ self-selection, the political economy of immigration, its labor market and public finance effects, as well as migrants and refugees social, political and economic integration.

Immigration in OECD Countries - 10th Annual Conference

Date: From December 7 to 8, 2020


13:45-14:00 - WECOME ADDRESS Frédéric Docquier (LISER)
Jean-Christophe Dumont (Head of International Migration Division at OECD)
and Sébastien Jean (CEPII Director)


14:00-15:00 - KEYNOTE SESSION I by Sergei Guriev (Sciences Po)

15:15-16:45 - PARALLEL SESSIONS 1
1A - International migration
1B - Impact on the labor market and crime
1C - Integration of immigrants

17:00-18:30 - PARALLEL SESSIONS 2
2A - International migration
2B - Impact on attitudes and perceptions
2C - Integration of immigrants and refugees


13-00-14:00 - KEYNOTE SESSION II by Eliana La Ferrara (Bocconi University)

14:15-15:45 - PARALLEL SESSIONS 3
3A - Refugee status and legalization
3B - Impact on electoral outcomes
3C - Integration program for immigrants

16:00-17:30 - PARALLEL SESSIONS 4
4A - Mobility of workers
4B - Impact on innovation and public finance
4C - Integration and redistribution

17:45-18:45 - KEYNOTE SESSION III by Leah Platt-Boustan (Princeton University)

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