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Final Report: The effect of a policy of parental involvement in secondary schools

The Paris School of Economics has produced a final report for Martin Hirsch, the High Commissioner for Youth, regarding the evaluation of a programme carried out in 2008-2009 in 40 Secondary Schools in the Créteil regional education authority.

This evaluation is the first of its kind in France: due to the public-policy stakes – policies regarding pupils’ parents have attracted only little interest from policy makers to date – and the scientific research method employed – a random or “controlled” experiment carried out by the J-PAL Europe Research Centre of the Paris School of Economics.

The results of this evaluation are available in a number of different forms:
- A four-page summary
- A forty-page report
- A press release jointly issued by the High Commissioner for Youth and the Paris School of Economics

The members of the scientific team of the Paris School of Economics :