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Infographic | Survey on the well-being of the French | Mathieu Perona and Claudia Senik

Discover the Economics for everybody infographic elaborated from a survey on the well-being of French people regarding their standard of living by Mathieu Perona and Claudia Senik. This infographic is inspired by the latest Note of the Well-being Observatory published in September 2022.

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Based on the work of:

- Mathieu Perona and Claudia Senik, September 2022, Note de l’Observatoire du Bien-être n°2022-12 : Le Bien-être des Français.

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Mathieu Perona is Executive Director of the CEPREMAP Well-being Observatory. A former student of the École normale supérieure, he completed the Analysis and Policy in Economics (APE) Master at PSE, then did a thesis on cultural industries, under the supervision of Bernard Caillaud. Previously, he was in charge of the Méthodes de Pilotage team in charge of stress-testing and risk management models (including ICAAP and integration between stress-tests and IFRS-9 models) at the the Risk Department of Société Générale.

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Claudia Senik is PSE Chaired and Professor at Sorbonne University. She is Director of the CEPREMAP Well-being Observatory. Her work focuses on the economics of subjective well-being, and in particular on the link between income, growth, inequality and happiness. She is also interested in the sources of well-being at work and in companies. Finally, she studies the behavior of women in school and on the labor market.

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Data from the Well-being Observatory:

- Notes trimestrielles de l’Observatoire du bien-être sur les résultats de la plate-forme “Bien-être” INSEE/ CEPREMAP de l’enquête de conjoncture auprès des ménages (CAMME) de l’INSEE.

- Tableau de bord du bien-être en France.

Annual reports on well-being in France:

- Mathieu Perona and Claudia Senik, April 2022, “Le Bien-être en France : Rapport 2021”.

- Mathieu Perona and Claudia Senik, February 2021, “Le Bien-être en France : Rapport 2020”.

Opuscule du CEPREMAP:

- Yann Algan, Elizabeth Beasley and Claudia Senik, April 2018, “Les Français, le bonheur et l’argent”, Éditions Rue d’Ulm.

* This infographic is part of the new Economics for everybody formula.