J-M Bonisseau, A. Clark and O. Gossner: three new Paris School of Economics Associate Chairs

The Scientific Board of the Paris School of Economics met on the 21st of November 2009, and validated the nomination of the three new Associate Chairs :

  • Jean-Marc Bonisseau : his work focuses on general equilibrium and market imperfections, increasing returns to scale, externalities, public goods, incomplete markets and imperfect competition. A substantial part of his research is related to firm behaviour under these different conditions; he is also interested in cooperative games, models in industrial economics and mathematical models of optimisation and non-linear analysis.
  • Andrew Clark : his work has largely focused on the interface between psychology, sociology and economics; in particular, using job and life satisfaction scores, and other psychological indices, as proxy measures of utility, which help us to understand the structure of individual preferences and therefore of behaviour. His broad area of research is that of social interactions and social learning.
  • Olivier Gossner : he is a specialist in economic theory and game theory, he is particularly interested in the modelisation of cognitive processes and of the rational or limited-rational choices of agents, coordination and optimal use of information, and repeated games

With these 3 nominations, the Paris School of Economics now has 22 Associate Chairs.