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20th January 2011 - Conference “Top Incomes : a Global Perspective”

The G-MonD of PSE is glad to invite you on the Campus Jourdan for a conference by Tony B. Atkinson and Thomas Piketty on the 20th January, at 16:00 on their book “Top Incomes : a Global Perspective” (Oxford University Press).
In this second book, the authors analyse long term evolution of top incomes in 12 new countries (after the ten ones analysed in the 2007 book).
It revitalizes completely our knowledge of the dynamics of inequalities and reconsiders radically the optimistic hypothesis of Kuznets on the link between economic development and the sharing of incomes.
> On this subject, you can also read “Top Incomes in the Long Run of History” by Tony Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez.

Registration : g-mond at
16h Opening of the conference by François Bourguignon, director of the PSE
16h15 Intervention (fr.) de Thomas Piketty. Download this presentation (pdf).
16h45 Lecture (engl.) by Tony Atkinson
“Using the top income database: inequality and financial crises”. Download this presentation (pdf).
17h15 Presentation (engl.) by Facundo Alvaredo of the new website “Top Incomes - online database”
> Visit this website “The Top Incomes Database” that offers unique series of database...

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