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Job Forum 2022-2023

For the fifth year, PSE is excited to organize its annual Job Forum, putting in contact students from our four Master’s Programs with various companies and organizations.
Come meet small groups of our students at a time to share your professional experiences, meet our best and brightest, and find your future intern or employee!

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How will it work?
Representatives from your company would be able to man a stand in order to inform our students about the internships and job opportunities your institution offers, as well as the desired qualities in candidates. You would also be able to directly answer students’ questions regarding your organization or industry and get to know interested students one-on-one before they even submit their applications.
We want your time to be well spent; in this vein, limited groups of students will sign up for 15-20 minute sessions over the course of the afternoon, so that you can have a more personal connection with you potential future intern(s) or employee(s).
We hope to run an event that is 100% in person, Covid-19 health regulations permitting. Should this event become a virtual one, however, we have the technology available to ensure that the event will still take place as scheduled, though at a distance.

Want to know more about us?
All PSE students learn the most advanced quantitative methods, though each program has its own identity:

  • Analysis and Policy in Economics (APE): Students focus on general quantitative economics throughout the first year and specialize in a variety of economic fields (macroeconomics, microeconomics, public economics, etc.) during the second year.
  • Public Policy and Development (PPD): PPD students are well-trained in economics for policy analysis and evaluation. Their first year culminates in a 2-4 month compulsory internship before specialization in a variety of fields surrounding public policy during the second year.
  • Economics and Psychology (EP): The EP Master’s students receive an interdisciplinary research-oriented education immediately following their undergraduate students in one of the two related fields. They gain expertise in the empirical analysis of individual and social behavior.
  • Sustainable Impact Analysis (SIA – ex-EDCBA): A 12-month Master of Science program resulting in a 4-6 month internship, which focuses on economic evaluation of projects, investments, and policies.

Interested in participating this year?
You must register and fill out this form before September 10.

If you have any questions, email us at homa.soroosh at