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Learn more about the new EDCBA master of science - Economic Decision and Cost Benefit Analysis

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The MSc EDCBA is a postgraduate Master’s degree awarded by the École des Ponts ParisTech and jointly run with the Paris School of Economics. It is a Masters of Science in economic calculation for investment decisions, applied to sectors of the economy currently in full expansion: planning, energy, environment, health, digital transformation.

This initial M2 (Masters of Science) programme, taught entirely in English, is open to French and International students who hold a Masters 1 or 2 degree in economics, statistics or mathematics, university students, and students of the Grandes écoles, engineering schools and business schools.

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Students who are interested in this Masters, do not hesitate to contact us via master-edcba or +33 1 80 52 19 44 / +33 1 80 52 19 43

Firms or institutions who might like to become a partner, please contact the Director of the Masters, Carine Staropoli: carine.staropoli

The MSc EDCBA brochure
The EDCBA program is entirely taught in English: to read all the available information about the courses, the admission process, the job prospects... download the pdf brochure.

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