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Link to the conference organized by the Master PPD on the work of the Sen-Stiglitz Commission

A conference was held on March 17th at the Paris School of Economics on the work of the “Commission on the Measure of Economic Performance and Social Progress” by the students of the “Public Policy and Development Masters Program”, in partnership with the Center for economic research and its applications (CEPREMAP).

The “Commission on the Measure of Economic Performance and Social Progress”, also known as the Sen-Stiglitz Commission, developed from a proposition by Nicolas Sarkozy on January 8th 2008, to “reflect on ways of escaping purely quantitative book-keeping measures of national performance” and to develop new indicators of national wealth. Chaired by Joseph Stiglitz, the committee has met on a number of occasions since April 2008. Its first recommendations should be published in July 2009.

During the conference, which was chaired by Denis Cogneau, Professor in the PPD Master Program, three members of the Commission presented its work and its current preoccupations:

  • François Bourguignon, Director of the Paris School of Economics, discussed “The limits of GDP and the associated problems”
  • Didier Blanchet, Head of Department of Joint Economic Studies at INSEE, gave a presentation on “The issue of including the externalities from economic activity in new progress indicators”.