Economics serving society

(March 25) Attend the EDCBA webinar

You’re already thinking about September 2020, and you wish to know more about the master of science offered by the Ecole des Ponts and the Paris School of Economics ?

Register & attend (for free) the live webinar from 4 pm (Paris time) on March 25, 2020.
The co-directors - Clive Gallery and Carine Staropoli - as well as the administrative manager of the programme - Pauline Marmin - will present to you the MSc Economic Decision-making and Cost-Benefit analysis and answer all your questions. This webinar will of course be held in English.

  • Contact : master-edcba
  • Visit the webpages dedicated to EDCBA : follow this link
  • Register this webinar on the QSleap website : follow this link (or click on the image below)
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