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Press release - Creation of the SCOR-PSE Chair on Macroeconomic Risk

The Paris School of Economics (PSE) and the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science announce the creation of a research chair on Macroeconomic Risk. This chair is held by PSE and financed by the SCOR Foundation whose mission includes “encouraging risk research and disseminating the resulting knowledge”.


Numerous factors are contributing to the uncertainty surrounding the current macroeconomic environment, including: unconventional monetary policies, high levels of private and public indebtedness, high political uncertainty and concern about growth and productivity, as well as the possibility of infrequent but major shocks, such as those linked to climate change or terrorism.

Under the scientific leadership of Gilles Saint-Paul (PSE, ENS) and the executive leadership of Nicolas Dromel (PSE, CNRS), the new SCOR-PSE chair aims to investigate these issues, and more broadly to promote the development and dissemination of macroeconomic risk research.


The work of the chair includes:

  • developing and promoting scientific articles to be submitted for publication in top international journals;
  • inviting renowned international scholars to participate in teaching and research programs;
  • creating workshops and roundtables between SCOR and PSE members;
  • awarding an annual prize to a young researcher for excellence in his or her work;
  • organizing seminars, an annual lecture, and an annual conference to present and discuss work on the cutting-edge of international macroeconomic risk research.

>>> (Invitation) The Inaugural conference SCOR-PSE Chair on “Macroeconomic Risk” will take place on Friday June 15, from 9.30 am to 7 pm at the Paris School of Economics - Jourdan campus. See the program and/or register online.


Florin Bilbiie (PSE, Université Paris 1) | Nuno Coimbra (PSE) | Nicolas Dromel (PSE, CNRS) | Axelle Ferrière (EUI) | Jean-Olivier Hairault (PSE, Université Paris 1) | Jean Imbs (PSE, CNRS) | Gilles Saint-Paul (PSE, ENS) | Jean-Marc Tallon (PSE, CNRS)

PRESS CONTACT: Sylvain Riffé Stern - 01 80 52 17 09 - sylvain.riffe

Gilles Saint-Paul is Professor at the Paris School of Economics and Ecole Normale Superieure ENS, and Global University Professor at New York University Abu Dhabi. He is also a research fellow of CEPR, IZA and CES-Ifo and a former member of the Conseil d’Analyse Economique. He served as consultant for various central banks, ministries, and international institutions. His research, which spans a variety of macroeconomics topics from labor markets to political economy to bubbles to fiscal policy, has been published in leading journals such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, among others. He has authored several books.

Nicolas Dromel is an Associate Professor at the Paris School of Economics and a Research Economist at the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS). Nicolas has been a contributor to the Banque de France Chair at PSE (since 2010) and to the SCOR-PSE first research partnership (since 2013). Since 2017, he has been deputy scientific director for Social Sciences and Humanities with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. He held visiting positions with the University of California, Los Angeles, and New York University Abu Dhabi. His research is on the determinants of productivity, the macroeconomic consequences of market imperfections, stabilization policies, and was published in journals such as the Review of Economics and Statistics, Labour Economics, Economics Letters, among others.

The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science is committed to a long-term engagement to encourage research into risk and to disseminate the results. This involvement is an integral part of SCOR’s identity, as is evident in its signature “The Art & Science of Risk”. Risk is, in effect, the “raw material” of reinsurance, and SCOR intends to be at the forefront of risk expertise and research thanks to its vast network of academic institutions and the support it gives to numerous disciplines, including mathematics, actuarial science, physics, chemistry, geophysics, climatology, economics, finance, and more.

PSE is the first Economics Department1 in France and in Europe. It covers a wide spectrum of topics and participates in most fields including macroeconomics and the economics of risk. PSE offers teaching in Masters, Doctoral, Summer School and Executive Education programs at the cutting edge of the discipline. Its mission is also to strengthen dialogue between academic research and the socio-economic world, notably by entering into partnership with economic actors.