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Press release - Hermès and PSE create a new research chair « Opening Economics »

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September 28, 2021 - Hermès and the Paris School of Economics (PSE) have created the research chair “Opening Economics” (OSE) within PSE. Led by Jean-Olivier Hairault (PSE, Paris 1) and Jean-Marc Tallon (PSE, CNRS), respectively Director and Head of Research at PSE, this Chair has the ambitious objective of opening up economics to and through other disciplines.


The OSE chair supports research projects whose particularity is to encourage interaction between PSE economists and researchers in other disciplines. This is a double movement: on the one hand, to create a stronger connection between economics and the other social and human sciences including history, sociology, demography, social psychology, political science, philosophy, and on the other hand, to encourage a fuller dialogue with other disciplines such as the neurosciences, cognitive sciences and medicine, as well as the environmental sciences broadly defined.

This interdisciplinary approach can significantly deepen our analysis of and proposed solutions to the major social issues that currently confront us all: climate change and the energy transition, demographic pressure and urban development, and territorial and social cleavages.

« Hermès is pleased to participate in the creation of the OSE Chair. Guided by the artisanal values that it has nurtured since its founding in 1837, our house is committed to education and training through the transmission of its unique know-how at the École Hermès des Savoir-Faire, through partnerships with schools, and through dedicated programmes supported by its Corporate Foundation. With its network of factories and stores, Hermès is firmly rooted in the regions where it operates and contributes to the economic, cultural and social vitality of the places where it is located. The creation of social value and the enhancement and protection of natural environments are central to the house’s concerns. These issues, taken into consideration by the interdisciplinary approach of the OSE chair, resonate perfectly with the house’s determination to contribute to the collective interest by supporting scientific expertise that advances academic research ». Olivier Fournier, Hermès Executive Vice-President Corporate Development and Social Affairs.


The Opening Economics chair is managed by the PSE Directorate, which is supported by the scientific leaders of four current research projects:

« The OSE chair, through this partnership with Hermès, will contribute powerfully to the ambitious objective of PSE and its Initiative to open up economics, both internally by deepening its central paradigm, and externally by exploring its frontiers and its links with other disciplines. It will allow us to think outside the box and to develop new perspectives in the analysis of major societal issues ». Jean-Olivier Hairault, PSE Director.

Several activities are directly funded by this OSE chair, and contribute to the development of the initiative itself:

  • The appointment of post-doctoral fellows from disciplines other than strict economics.
  • The organisation of an annual international academic event in Paris. Starting 15 October, the first “Interdisciplinary Workshop on Climate and Biodiversity” will be held at PSE and online: follow this link
  • Invitations to international researchers to come to PSE.
  • Support for workshops on the specific research themes of the Chair.


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Since 1837, Hermès has maintained its artisanal model and its humanist values. The freedom to create, the constant search for the most beautiful materials, the transmission of excellence in craftsmanship, and the aesthetics of function form the singularity of Hermès, a fashion house where objects are created to last. An independent family concern, Hermès is committed to keeping the bulk of its production in France, at its 51 factories and production sites, while developing a network of more than 330 shops in 45 countries. The group employs almost 17,000 people around the world, of which almost 10,600 work in France, including more than 5,600 artisans.* Since 2013, Hermès has been directed by Axel Dumas, one of the 6th generation of directors. Since 2008, the Hermès Foundation has supported projects in the fields of artistic creation, the training and transmission of artistry and skills, biodiversity and preservation of the environment. *As of June 30, 2021

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The Paris School of Economics is a world-renowned centre for research and teaching in economics: by 2021, PSE was ranked the best economics department in Europe and among the top five in the world according to RePEc. Established in 2006 as a Fondation de Coopération Scientifique by the CNRS, PSE brought together the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), the École normale supérieure (ENS-PSL), the École des Ponts ParisTech, INRAE and the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, to form a scholarly community of 140 researchers and 150 PhD students. It covers a large range of research topics, is active in most fields of economics, and its mission is to strengthen the dialogue between academic research and private and public enterprises via its partnership programme, through research chairs