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(September 8) EU Tax Observatory - European Banks in Tax Havens: Evidence and Countermeasures

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The EU Tax Observatory* is pleased to invite you on September 8, 2021, to an online conference: “European Banks in Tax Havens: Evidence and Countermeasures”.

European Banks in Tax Havens: Evidence and Countermeasures

Date: September 8th, 2021 ; 12.30pm - 2pm CET


12.30 - 12.35pm: Introduction - Presentation of the EU Tax Observatory and its missions - Panayotis Nicolaides

12.35 - 12.45pm: Presentation of the results of the "Have European banks left tax havens? Evidence from country-by-country data" report - Giulia Aliprandi

12.45 - 13.30pm: Panel discussion

13.30 - 13.50pm: Exchange with the audience

Panel Discussion



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* The EU Tax Observatory was created in 2021 at the Paris School of Economics, thanks to funding from the European Union. Under the direction of Gabriel Zucman, the EU Tax Observatory is hosted at PSE and aims to conduct and disseminate innovative and high quality scientific research on EU taxation, as well as to stimulate exchanges between the scientific community, civil society and policy makers.

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