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The 10th Best Young Economist Award:Yann Algan and Thomas Philippon are Prize-winners, with Gaël Giraud a Nominee.

To help to the development of economic debate in France, the “Cercle des économistes”, in partnership with “Le Monde Economie”, confers each year the Best Young Economist Award, This prize is awarded to an economist under the age of forty who combines academic recognition with active participation in public policy debate.

The 2009 Best Young Economist Award was presented on the 25th of May in the Senate to Yann Algan, professor at PSE in 2006 and Thomas Philippon, Visiting PSE professor in 2007, for their work. Gaël Giraud, PSE Associate researcher, was also among the nominees for this award.

This Prize had previously been awarded to Bruno Amable in 2000, to Philippe Martin and Thomas Piketty in 2002 (PSE Associate Chairs), and to Pierre-Cyril Hautcoeur (PSE Associate professor) in 2003, to Esther Duflo (PSE Visitor) in 2005, and to Thierry Mayer (PSE Associate professor) in 2006.