Visiting Professors

The Paris School of Economics regularly invites visiting Professors from prestigious foreign universities, generally for periods of three months to one year. Two current visitors are presented below:

Barbara Petrongolo Barbara Petrongolo: Lecturer in Economics at the London School of Economics. Her current research is in various areas of Labor Economics. Her work at PSE will develop around two main topics, namely the variation of gender inequalities across skills and countries, and work and leisure spillovers within households. “PSE provides an excellent environment for research in labor issues, where I can interact with top researchers sharing my interests”. Barbara Petrongolo’s home page

Jess Benhabib: Professor of Economics at New York University. His research is mostly in the fields of Macroeconomics and Growth. He will give a course at PSE on growth and the distribution of wealth. His research at PSE will cover three areas: business-cycle fluctuations, self-fulfilling expectations, and economic growth. “This is not my first visit to PSE, and I always value the impressive number of internationally-renowned researchers here in the realm of income distribution” Jess Benhabib’s home page