In most countries, supporters rank Messi ahead of Ronaldo

Last November, we gave you the opportunity to vote for the best football player of the year while participating in a scientific study (reach the press release of november 2016). The website, is a project conducted by researchers interested both in football as a “total social fact”, including the practices and culture of supporters, and in voting systems. The site is presented in six languages and is open to all, until 12 December 2016. The data are collected and treated in the strictest confidence, and the first results will be announced soon after the study closes.

The website, opened from November 22 2016 to December 12, on the day of the The awarding of the Ballon d’Or of France Football, interested thousands of Internet users, coming from more than 100 countries. Some countries have been more active than others, France is the country with the highest number of voters. The originality of this project was the comparison of 3 types of votes: the points system, the one vote and approval/support voting.

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The results show that the popular votes are much less concentrated than the votes of the panel of journalists, but that the voting rule does not substantially change the top-5 podium in the various geographical zones. In this experience, a national preference effect is visible. For example, in France, Griezmann and Payet are among the top five players, in Spain Iniesta, and in Germany Neuer. Messi and Ronaldo are still in the top three. And even if Ronaldo won the 2016 Ballon d’Or 2016 , he would not be elected best football player by the participants except in the “rest of Europe”, which includes Portugal. Griezmann, meanwhile, is first in France and is still in the top three except Germany and South America.

For more details on the results, while waiting for more detailed analysis, go to the dedicated page on the site.