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Winter workshop: "An integrated approach of economic decisions", January 27

Individual or strategic decision making is approached in a complementary manner by cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience and economics. With their own language, different approaches and methodologies, each of these disciplines sheds light on the decision-making process in relation to the environment in which it takes place. The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of each field’s approach to common issues and discuss the possible crossing points.

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This workshop is organised by the Opening Economics Chair, Hermès – PSE in the framework of the collaborative project "An integrated approach of economic decisions".

An integrated approach of economic decisions

Date: January 27, 2022 ; 2pm-7pm (Paris Time)
Venue: PSE - Paris School of Economics
48 Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris
Room: R2-21 Format: hybrid

For more information about the event, please contact the organisers:

  • Nicolas Jacquemet: nicolas.jacquemet at
  • Jean-Marc Tallon: jean-marc.tallon at


2pm: Introduction about the collaborative project and the PSE and DEC departments

2:20pm-2:45pm: Context-dependent memories of value across decision-making modalities – Magdalena Soukopova & Stefano Palminteri

2:45pm-3:10pm: Intentions and outcome as determinants of reciprocal fairness in the human brain. A research proposal – Marcello Negrini

3:10pm-3:35pm: Motivation and affects differently bias beliefs and confidence judgments – Nahuel Salem-Garcia & Mael Lebreton

3:35pm-3:50pm: Break

3:50pm-4:15pm: Economic behavior under oath, with an application to eye-witness testimony – Nicolas Jacquemet

4:15pm-4:40pm: Motor coordination & strategic cooperation in joint action – Valérian Chambon

4:40pm-5:05pm: Analyzing, understanding and improving the study of personality traits in economics: research perspectives – Franck Zenasni

5:05pm-5:30pm: Break

5:30pm-5:55pm: Opposing cognitive pressures on human exploration in the absence of trade-off with exploitation – Valentin Wyart & Clémence Alméras

5:55pm-6:20pm: Incompleteness – Jean-Marc Tallon

6:20pm-7pm: General discussion


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This event has been funded by the Département d’Etudes Cognitives of the ENS.