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Workshop “Around & Beyond GDP” | July 7-8

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The Measurement in Economics, Nowcasting – Beyond GDP Chair is glad to organize the “Around & Beyond GDP” workshop at Paris School of Economics and online (Zoom) on July 7-8, 2022.

Workshop “Around & Beyond GDP”

Dates: July 7-8, 2022
Venue: Paris School of Economics and online (Zoom)
48 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, Room R2-01


July 7

9h00 Arrival

9h15-9h30 Welcome (J.O. Hairault, M. Fleurbaey)

Morning Session: Prices, volumes and well-being I
Chair: D. Blanchet

9h30-9h40 Introduction

9h40-10h30 X. Jaravel (LSE): “Nonparametric measurement of long-run growth in consumer welfare”

10h30-11h20 John Mitchell and Jorrit Zwijnenburg (OECD): “Measuring value without prices; reflections on the measurement of non-market outputs during the pandemic, and well-being and sustainability in a revised System of National Accounts (SNA)”


11h30-12h20 F. Maniquet (CORE/LIDAM, UCLouvain and LISER): “Well-being measurement with reference consumption”

12h20-13h00 General discussion


Afternoon Session: Prices, volumes and well-being II
Chair: F. Murtin

14h30-14h40 Introduction

14h40-15h30 D. Blanchet & C. Pesme (PSE): “Measuring growth in the context of a greening economy”

15h30-16h20 D. Baqae (UCLA): “Growth through creation and destruction of supply chains”


16h30-17h20 S. Vasserman (Stanford): “Robust Bounds for Welfare Analysis"

17h20-18h00 General discussion

July 8

Morning Session: Distribution and perception of growth
Chair: M. Fleurbaey

9h30-9h40 Introduction

9h40-10h30 J.M. Germain (INSEE): TBA

10h30-11h20 M. Eden (Brandeis): “Necessities and the Fair Allocation of Income”


11h30-12h20 K. Decancq (University of Antwerp): “Measuring multidimensional well-being: a non-parametric approach”

12h20-13h00 General discussion


Afternoon Session: Externalities, Social Responsibility and Aggregation
Chair: M. Chiroleu-Assouline

14h30-14h40 Introduction

14h40-15h30 M. Fleurbaey (PSE): “Aggregation, beyond GDP”

15h30-16h20 F. Murtin (OECD): “Beyond GDP for Policy Use”


16h30-17h20 C. Surun (CIRED & Ecological Accounting Chair) “Integrating the environment into national accounting: micro-macro articulation of ecological debts”

17h20-18h20 General discussion with the participation of P. Dhumières (Eco-Learn) and Emeline Stievenard (Impact Tank)

18h20-18h30 Closing