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Workshop “Housing and the Economy” | December 15

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The Macroeconomic Risk Chair is glad to invite you to an online workshop (Zoom) entitled “Housing and the Economy” on December 15, 2022.

Housing and the Economy


2.30pm - Pedro Gete (IE University): "Homeownership Dynamics and Housing Investors. The Crowding-out Channel”, with Athena Tsouderou (University of Miami) and Franco Zecchetto (ITAM).

3.15pm - Sonia Gilbukh (CUNY Baruch College): "Unintended Consequences of FHA/VA Government Programs”, with Brent Ambrose (Penn State), Jim Conklin (University of Georgia), and Luis Lopez (University of Illinois Chicago).

4pm - Break

4.30pm - Carlos Garriga (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis): “Housing Finance, Boom-bust Episodes and Macroeconomic Fragility”, with Aaron Hedlund (Purdue University).

5.15pm - Wenli Li (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia): “Consumer Bankruptcy, Mortgage Default and Labor Supply”, with Costas Meghir (Yale) and Florian Oswald (Sciences Po).

Watch the replay of the workshop: