Economics serving society
Alex Proshin

Alex Proshin

PhD Student

Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Chaire hospinnomics – 1, Parvis Notre-Dame 75004 Paris

Research groups: Economics of Human Behavior
  • Health
  • Risk
  • Microeconometrics

Alex Proshin is available for positions

Thesis Supervisor: ROCHAIX Lise

Co-supervisor: LAPORTE Audrey

Academic year of registration: 2016/2017

Thesis title: Essays in health economics

Year of thesis defense: 2020/2021

Date of thesis defense: 9 February 2021


Working papers: 

- Impact of DRG refinement on the choice between C-section and normal delivery: recent evidence from France

- Quality Based Procedures  in Ontario:  effects on quality and accessiblity of hip and knee replacement surgeries 

- Impact  of Maternity Capital child subsidy  in Russia on female reproductive choices and child human capital