Economics serving society

Economics - Philosophy

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Holders : Marc Fleurbaey and Jean-François Laslier

Presentation : Economics and philosophy interact on several subjects: social justice, collective choices and democracy, the rationality of decisions, the definition of values, methodology, the role of the expert in society. Thus, the major trends in political philosophy inspire the principles of equity introduced in economics. Economic models of decision under uncertainty inspire philosophers interested in rationality or inequalities. Democratic theory in philosophy exchanges concepts and results with social choice theory in economics. The coexistence of positive analyses and normative recommendations in economics questions philosophers of method.

Exchanges occur both at the level of theory and at the level of applications, in particular the most current problems of public economics (environment, climate, population) which raise fundamental questions about the weight of the long term and intergenerational equity, or the value of nature and the rights of other species. Although these exchanges exist, the opportunities for cross-fertilization are far from being fully exploited, and this project aims to develop them.