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Research Activities

Breakfast Reading Group

As part of the collaborative project "Society and Environment", PSE organizes a breakfast reading group on "economics and biodiversity". There is a burgeoning literature that leverages tools developed in economics and knowledge coming from biology in the aim of answering questions related to human well-being. This bi-monthly reading group relies on the presentation and discussion of recent work at the frontier between economics and biology. It is open to any PSE member interested by the topic as well as to outsiders, including researchers in natural science.

In practice, one or two persons present the general idea of one or two papers, the main results. They also spur discussions around data used, estimation strategies and modelling tools, very much in a "tricks and tools spirit".

  • March 9: A bird’s eye view of farm size and biodiversity: The ecological legacy of the iron curtain
  • March 23: The Social Costs of Keystone Species Collapse: Evidence From The Decline of Vultures in India
    Time: 9am-10.30am
    Room: R5-10
    Maximum capacity: 19 seats
  • April 4: forthcoming
  • April 6: forthcoming
    Time: 9am-10.30am
    Room: R2-20
    Maximum capacity: 30 seats
  • May 18: forthcoming
    Time: 9am-10.30am
    Room: R5-10
    Maximum capacity: 19 seats
  • June 01: forthcoming
    Time: 9am-10.30am
    Room: R1-16
    Maximum capacity: 18 seats

Workshop "Forest and people : from skyview to local dynamics"

June 23-28, 2024
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Conference: "Impact of climatic change in Vietnam"

March 7, 2024
Lecture by Thanh Ngo-Duc (University of Science and Technology of Hanoi)

Workshop "Cities and the Environment"

January 12, 2024
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Workshop "Forest-Water-Energy"

July 6-7, 2023
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Climate and Biodiversity: Interdisciplinary Workshop

October 15, 2021
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Society and Environment Workshops

July 6 and 7, 2023
"Forest-Water-Energy" workshop

June 2, 2023
Remote sensing and economics workshop

March 4 and 8, 2021
Inaugural conference by Laurent Polidori (CNAM)

From 4 to 28 May, 2021

April 12 and 15, 2021
Two online workshops (Zoom) held by Vincent Hallet (Université de Namur)

Regulation and Environment Seminar

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