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“Labor” Chair, Mairie de Paris - DARES - DGEFP - Pôle Emploi - Unédic - PSE

This PSE research Chair was created in partnership with the City of Paris and two departments of the ministry of labour – the DARES, (Direction de l’animation de la recherche, des études et des statistiques, Directorate for the coordination of research, studies and statistics) and the DGEFP (Délégation générale à l’emploi et à la formation professionnelle, Office of employment and vocational training), Pôle emploi (the labour exchange) and the Unédic.

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Located on the Jourdan campus, its purpose is to attract the best young scholars (doctoral and post-doctoral) working on labour issues, to form a network of affiliated researchers, and to create and disseminate accessible academic work, and thus to refine our understanding of trends in work, employment dynamics, wages and unemployment.

The current Chair holder is Eric Maurin, Director of Studies at the EHESS and member of PSE. The academic council includes Philippe Askenazy, Director of Research at the CNRS-ENS Centre Maurice Halbwachs, Luc Behaghel, Director of Research at the INRA and member of PSE, Andrea Garnero, economist at the OECD, Laurent Gobillon, Director of Research at the CNRS and member of PSE, and Dominique Meurs (Executive Director of the chair programme), professor at the University of Paris Nanterre.

  • Contact : Dominique Meurs, Chair Executive Director - dominique.meurs
  • Press : Sylvain Riffé Stern, PSE - sylvain.riffe, 01 80 52 17 09

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