Economics serving society

ANR Grants - Agence Nationale de la Recherche


  • AgeWellAccounts, Hippolyte d’Albis et Angela Greulich. Ce projet s’intéresse à la mesure et à l’évolution du bien-être à l’échelle du cours de la vie.
  • AmbiDyn, Jean-Marc Tallon. The leading theme of the joint project is the role of Knightian uncertainty in dynamic economic environments, ranging from strategic interactions (games) to markets (competition).
  • BEcAUSeTerror, Elena Stancanelli. Terrorisme, Comportements des Agents Economiques, Sécurité et Utilité
  • CHOP, Jean-Marc Tallon. The project aims to define practical ways of aggregating opinions or rankings that could be of interest for the private and public sectors.
  • COLECOPOL, Denis Cogneau. This project aims at building a new political economy of colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, and examining how the political economy of colonialism survived after its official end and how its analysis helps to understand the present state of the world.
  • COOPCONFLICT, Oliver Vanden Eynde. The main contribution of this research proposal is to study the cooperation between actors in conflict zones using recently declassified data sources.
  • FARM-VALUE, Jérôme Bourdieu. Valeur et transmission de l’exploitation agricole : regards croisés de l’économie et de la sociologie
  • FIRE, Bertrand Wigniolle. Interdépendances financières et réelles : volatilité, ouverture internationale et politiques économiques
  • FIRR, Gabrielle Demange. Infrastructure Financière : Risques et Régulation
  • GAZET, Fanny Henriet. This project intends to explore and understand in a zero carbon economy the role of gas, that generates less pollution than coal while still emitting CO2 when burning. Should gas stay underground? Is it a source of energy pertinent in a transition period, to save time towards efficient renewable sources? Will we take then the risk of staying prisoner of a polluting economy? What is the gas role, and in particular the shale gas role, in international carbon leakage?
  • GoLFor-DEEPN, François Libois. This project aims at evaluating, at the national level, the effect of handing over the management of forest from the Nepal Department of Forest to Community Forest User Groups on (i) forest cover, (ii) public good provision at the local level, and (iii) local political governance.
  • GUODLCCI, Marc Gurgand. Over the last decades, economic and social inequalities in Europe have risen sharply along many dimensions. We propose a four-strand research programme aimed al understanding these phenomena by focusing on the origins, dynamics and consequences of early inequalities in human capital accumulation in France, Norway and UK. [programme NORFACE]
  • HBDEX, Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur. HBDEX aims to produce a relational database for financial data, which organizes French historical sources through innovative digital tools.
  • HUCIAWI, Eric Maurin. ln this project, we will investigate the role of human capital in shaping inequalities over the life course in three quite different country contexts. [programme NORFACE]
  • INNOVTAX, Clément Malgouyres. The goal of this project is to empirically study the two-way interactions between tax policy and firm behavior.
  • MaRine, Francis Bloch. This project aims at studying the impact of economic and social networks on risk management, economic development and inequalities, with a focus on the role of networks in protecting people against risks and on information transmission.
  • SOCOCITY, Camille Hémet. The purpose of this project is precisely to investigate whether and how urban infrastructure and amenities can foster social cohesion and lead to economically and socially sustainable cities.
  • StratCom, Frédéric Koessler. This project aims at studying the role of bounded rationality and complex communication channels on the dissemination of information to decision-makers and in markets.
  • SYSRI-30, Angelo Riva. The project aims to study banking crises during the Great Depression in France based on a concrete interdisciplinary approach


  • AFRISTORY, Denis Cogneau. This project aims to assemble and study the economic data of European colonisation in Africa, in order to shine new light on obstacles to economic development. (over in 2015-2016)
  • APB, Julien Grenet. Comment réguler les inscriptions dans l’enseignement supérieur? Une évaluation de la procédure Admission Post-Bac.
  • APPRENTISSAGES/FORMSCIENCE, Marc Gurgand. This multidisciplinary project is based on a randomized controlled trial that studies the impact of new teaching techniques of sciences on teachers and students.
  • CAPITAL, Thomas Piketty. This project investigates the dynamic of the accumulation and distribution of capital in France over a long period (XIXe-XXIe centuries). (over in 2013-2014)
  • CIGNE, Marie Laclau. This project funded by the ANR aims at analyzing the strategic use of communication and information in dynamic games where interaction, communication or information possibilities revolve around networks.
  • COMDEV, Anne-Celia Disdier. This project re-examines the link between trade and development in the light of recent theoretical work on international trade and the micro-economics of development. (over in 2015-2016)
  • GREENGO, Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline. Nouveaux instruments de gouvernance pour la transition énergétique : le rôle des ONG
  • INDURA, Jérôme Bourdieu. This project aims to draw together existing research on inequality as a structural phenomenon, that is, as a sustainable social order. (over in 2015-2016)
  • LONGLIVES, Antoine Bozio. Projet dédié à la compréhension de l’adaptation des politiques publiques à l’allongement des vies professionnelles
  • NET, Gabrielle Demange. Réseaux, information, agrégation d’opinions, communication stratégique (terminé en 2014-2015)
  • NOVO TEMPUS, Jean-Pierre Drugeon. This theoretical project investigates the methodological perspectives of “ tools for measuring temporal dimensions in economic models”. (over in 2016-2017)
  • ORA, Antoine Bozio. This project brings together four research teams in a collaborative study of the impact of employer and employee social security contributions on wages. (over in 2015-2016)
  • POLICRE, Philippe Gagnepain. This project will conduct empirical tests on the theoretical rules that have functioned in industrial economics for the last thirty years, so that economists’ tools can be understood and used by practitioners. (over in 2016-2017)
  • PRIMOFOOD, Fabrice Etilé. PRlce and MOdelling of FOOD behavior - quels nouveaux modèles pour l’évaluation des politiques de prix dans le secteur alimentaire
  • SCHOOL CHOICE, Olivier Tercieux. The goal of this project is to analyse empirically and theoretically the procedures for assigning students to schools in the French education system.
  • STRUCTTAX, Thomas Breda. The project aims at studying the long term impact of fiscal policies on jobs, working hours and wages - in partnership with Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW Berlin).
  • UTTO, Lorenzo Cassi. Le Transfert des Technologies Universitaires et son Optimisation