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D-FIH equipex

The D-FIH project (Data for Financial History), submitted in October 2010 by Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur (EHESS - Paris School of Economics) in reply to the first call for projects "Equipment of Excellence - EQUIPEX" within the framework of the Investissements d’Avenir Program, was ranked first ex-aequo (52 selected projects out of 336 - for a total allocation of 1 billion euros).
Initiated and supported by PSE, the Equipex DFIH is conducted in partnership with the TGIR Progedo, the Institut Louis Bachelier and IODS financial data.

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The project also benefits from the collaboration with the Archives of the Bank of France and the Centre des archives économiques et financières (Ministry of Finances and Economy) that made their collections available to the project, as well as the operational partnership of the research center SCOB of the Univerity of Antwerp, the Institut of Complex Systems Paris-Ile de France and the European Business School – Paris (

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