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The Institut des politiques publiques

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The Institute for Public Policy was established in the context of a scientific partnership between the PSE and the CREST. The IPP aims to promote the analysis and quantative evaluation of public policies, supported by the latest research methods in economics.

Researchers affiliated to the IPP include those who are at the same time researchers at PSE and CREST, those who belong to other research institutions and a permanent team dedicated to the IPP. Their work is related to themes covering a broad spectrum of public policy questions: taxation, social policy, employment policy, education, health, housing, planning and sectoral policy.

The work done by the IPP aims both to develop scholarly research in the field of public policy and to encourage citizen participation in public debate. To do this, the IPP publishes its results not only in standard university formats, but also in formats better adapted to broader public consumption (notes and reports). Moreover, the IPP develops on-line tools that allow a greater number of people to learn more about public policy issues

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